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Osteoarthritis Treatment in Owen Sound

Osteoarthritis affects more than 4.4 million Canadians and it is estimated that this number will increase to 10 million Canadians by 2040. Osteoarthritis is a very common disease affecting the whole joint, but most of all, it affects the articular cartilage (the cartilage covering the ends of your bones). This articular cartilage becomes thin and fragile. Osteoarthritis can occur in any joint that has cartilage-covered joint surfaces. However, the knee and hip are large joints that are frequently affected due to the loads that are put through the joints with daily activity. 

While our therapists in Owen Sound can assist with osteoarthritis anywhere in the body, a new program has been developed in Denmark with proven results implementing hip and knee GLA:D program.

What is GLA:D?

GLA:D is a 6-8 week program involving education and exercise for people with symptoms of hip or knee osteoarthritis. This program is run by one of our certified physical therapists. The GLA:D program is known to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce the use of pain medication
  • Help improve the quality of life

We will teach you how to control your movements to help you become more active. The goal of this program is to reduce your symptoms so that you can enjoy life doing the things you want to do.

What does the program include?

It includes:

2 Education Classes

These classes will teach you about osteoarthritis, the risk factors, and the symptoms. We will talk about treatments available for osteoarthritis, how to manage your symptoms, why exercise is important, and how it will help, as well as how to cope with any difficulties of daily activities.

12 Exercise Classes

These classes are a 60-minute group class, twice a week for 6 weeks total. During the classes, we will teach you how to control your movements, proper posture, how to build muscle strength with functional exercise, and how to apply these exercises to your everyday activities. These exercise classes will have 3 parts:

  • 10-minute warm up
  • Circuit training
  • Cool down

Coming this fall 2019! For more details, please call our Bayshore Physical Therapy clinic.

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