Patient / Worker  Education

Patient / Worker  Education

At Bayshore Physical Therapy, the patient is considered to be at the centre of the rehabilitation process.  To facilitate the patient taking responsibility for his or her own recovery a comprehensive education program has been developed as part of the Work Injury Management Program.  Group and individual education sessions are provided.

Education Topics

  1. shutterstock_196227797Anatomy of the spine (or other affected regions)
  2. Pain control strategies
  3. Postures corrections
  4. Active versus passive treatment
  5. Whiplash mechanism injuries
  6. Repetitive Strain injuries
  7. Normal pattern of recovery of soft tissue injuries
  8. Tension related headaches
  9. Hurt versus harm
  10. Lifestyle modification

Work Specific Education

  1. Returning to work with pain
  2. Posture
  3. Work environment modification
  4. Energy conservation
  5. Biomechanics (related to specific job tasks)
  6. Pain management

Chronic Pain Symptoms

  1. How chronic pain develops
  2. Strategies to break pain cycle
  3. Behaviour modification

Education/Prevention Programs

Consultants from Bayshore Physical Therapy may be contacted to provide educational seminars or classes.  Instruction sessions regarding warm up exercise programs are a common component of most work injury management and prevention programs.  The exercise programs may be specific or generalized as the customer requests.  Any of, or a combination of the education topics above may be incorporated into your organization’s education, injury prevention program.